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What is Rebatee?
Rebatee is formed with the sole purpose to connect online shoppers, creators and influencers to products that needs high quality unboxing videos for online marketing and social media exposure.
Rebatee is a community built for shoppers, creators and influencers.
With Rebatee, you can always find newly released products.
Get rewarded for creating "unboxing" and "how to use” videos.
Make more money for creating higher quality videos.
How it Works?
Pick Product and Claim the Task
Choose the product you like and click "Claim the Task" to secure the offer.
Purchase and Submit the Order ID
Order the product within one hour at your cost, and submit the order ID to confirm the participation and claim of the task.
Shoot Video and Upload
Shoot the unboxing video in landscape mode and submit the video to get approved by the creator manager. The video rewards will become cashable after video gets approved.
Withdraw Rewards
Members can initiate a withdraw of the balance to your PayPal or Bank account at any time.