What is Rebatee?

Rebatee is a membership based club. With Rebatee, you can get most products for free, through generating influencing contents, which include but not limited to write a Rebatee review, share on Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Amazon, Instagram and other platforms.
Join the Influencers Club, and introduce friends to Rebatee, you can earn lubricate commission for each rebate your invitee redeemed.
The best part with Rebatee is, members can also make money through completing special missions, like creating unboxing videos or higher standard advertising videos.The reward could be extra 5 dollars to 500 dollars, based on the quality of your content.

How does it work?

Who does not love free products! This site is amazing! You can voice your opinion and even make some money if you like making videos. -Danielle Louise
I’m kind of fall into this whole product testing thing. And it's actually the only website that I use now! The company is great and they are super friendly. The more that you are influencing people to buy things the more that you are helping companies the more coins you get which means the more free products you get. I mean it's really a win-win. -Breanna Brown
I got them seriously completely FREE! I got 100% rebate back. It is not a scam so give it a try. I got them for $0, 100% rebated. You can make money on the items too. So why not? -Allie Michele Miller

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I have to write a review to get rebate?
Writing review is an option for you to generate influencing contents. You can also make unboxing videos or share through Facebook or blog to earn coins. While you choose to submit a Rebatee review, we ask you to submit honest and helpful contents.
2. Should I apply the Influencers Club after I become a member with Rebatee?
Rebatee Influencer can get commission from purchases made by members invited. Also some products (free, limited, hot, high value) are only offered to members with influencer badge.
3. I can shoot high quality video, how could I claim the higher level video mission?
Members can claim missions with 5 to 500 dollars cash rebates. Each of your submitted video will be assessed by our staff, which will determine your R level and also the level of video mission you can claim.
For more questions, please go to Rebatee FAQ!