1. What is Rebatee?
    Rebatee is aimed to incubate online shoppers to influencers. With minimum influencing efforts, Rebatee members can get coins to exchange for rebates (savings) on your desired products. Members can also join Rebatee Influencers Club, and make money through utilizing influencing power.

  2. What is Rebate?
    Rebate is your savings for the purchase; it is redeemed and cashable after your order is delievered and confirmed. To secure the rebate for your interested product at Rebatee, you will have to use Rebatee Coins.

  3. Is Rebatee a deal site or shopping site?
    Rebatee's mission is to help members save, influence and earn. We are founded to become an influencers incubator, to provide valuable newly released products, to help members achieve higher level influencer power, and get that converted to big savings and earnings for our members.

  4. How do I make money on Rebatee?
    First step is to join the Influencers Club. After that, you will be rewarded while each member you invited makes a purchase and redeems a rebate. The commission will be up to 30%, and you get lifetime earning for the purchase made by members you invite to Rebatee.

  5. Can I get truly 100% free product at Rebatee?
    Rebatee is not a deal or discount site. Members save money through claiming a secure and redeem a rebate. Rebatee is not committed to get members free products; but to find members truly desired products with as higher rebate as possible. Some sponsors might offer products with rebate value equal to sales price; we call it 100% rebate. However, since we currently only allow PayPal withdraw, you will always have to cover PayPal transaction fees, which means it is not 100% free even you have secured a 100% rebate.

  6. Can I get unlimited Rebates or secure any products offered here?
    You will have to use Rebatee Coins to exchange for rebates. New members get 3000 coins which can redeem to 30 dollars rebate; you will have to earn coins for more rebates and products. Your R level and Influcencer status might also limit your access to certain products.

What is Rebatee?

  1. What are coins? How do I use them?
    Rebatee Coins are required to redeem product rebates. At product detail page, while you click "Get Rebate", you will have to consume 100 coins to get 1 USD value rebate.

  2. How to check my coins?
    You can check your coins balance at Coins & Cash in My Profile.

  3. Will my coins run out, expire?
    Members get 3000 coins upon registration; your coins will not expire, but might run out for rebates if you do not make influence to earn more coins.

  4. I am not happy to earn coins for rebates. What can Rebatee do?
    Unfortunately, we are founded based on this mechanism. Rebatee is membership based; it is our members' influence efforts and value that bring us the savings and earnings. Sellers will not sponsor high value products with big discounts for no purpose. Rebatee Rebates can usuallly save members at least 50%, and we have to use coins to measure member's influence efforts, and claim savings.

  5. How to earn coins?
    You can earn coins by referring friends, writing a Rebatee review. Also most social influences are counted and rewarded: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Blogs, etc..

  6. Why my coins are pending or not usable yet?
    It usually takes 10 to 48 hours for pending coins to be released after review completed.

  1. What is the general process for me to secure the rebate and cash out the rebate?
    You need coins to secure corresponding value rebate (100 coins for 1 dollar value rebate). To secure the rebate, you just need to "Get Rebate" at your desired product page. Within one hour after you get rebate, you will have to firstly purchase the product at third party store front, and then submit your order ID to Rebatee. After you receive the product, you come back to Rebatee to confirm delievery, and wait for supplier to appove your rebate. After your rebate is approved, you will get cash balance, which could be withdrawn to your PayPal account.

  2. How soon does it take to approve the rebate after order submitted?
    Usually it takes 2-5 days for you to receive the product. After you confirm the product delivery, it might take another 1-2 days for the supplier to approve it.

  3. Why I was asked to "Play a Game" before purchase?
    It is ultra important for members to purchase the exact product from the specific seller. "Play a Game" is a process of fun for you to accurately locate the product. However, please be notified you are not required for the "Game".

  4. I received my product, and confirmed delievery. Why my rebate was rejected?
    You might submit the wrong order ID; you might purchase the wrong product; you might purchase from the wrong seller; the tracking of your purchase hasn't show delievered yet. You can try to resubmit the Order ID and confirm the delievery; or contact us directly for investigation.

  5. How should I submit my order ID or confirm delievery?
    You can locate your rebate at My Profile - My Rebates, and follow the process on the page.

  6. Why can't I buy multiple products from the same store/brand?
    In order to let more different customers participate in the supplier’s product experience, every Rebatee member can only claim twice in a month at the same store/brand.

  7. Can I return or cancel the order or do I keep the item after I received it?
    Please do not return the item or cancel the order without permission, otherwise your account can be limited. If for any reason there is an issue with the order or the item, please contact us for a proper settlement.

  8. What can I do if the item is defective?
    The item can be defective or damged in shipping, please always consider to contact the seller or Rebatee direclty to apply for a working unit before evaluation.

How to get rebate on Rebatee?

  1. What does Rebatee offer as payout options?
    Currently we offer PayPal payout and bank transfer, and bank transfer is only available for high amount rebate.

  2. What is Rebatee's withdraw policy?
    Members have to use PayPal account to cash Rebates or receive commissions. New members have limited times to request instant withdraws. Regularly members have to wait 15 days for another cash withdraw.

  3. Why I receive less than the amount I withdraw?
    Currently we do not have a better and more universal payout option. As stated upon your registration, PayPal charge transaction fees, and Rebatee currently doesn't cover that charges, while bank transfer doesn’t charge any transaction fees.

  4. Why Rebatee limit my withdraws?
    To reduce PayPal transaction fees, and unnecessary excessive withdraw requests, members have to wait minimum 15 days for the next withdraw.

  5. What is instant withdraw privileges?
    New members might need time to build trust with us. Hence, we offer new members limited times for instant withdraws.

  6. When will I receive my rebate after I applied withdrawal?
    The PayPal rebate will be sent through within 2 business days, while bank transfer will take 5-8 business days.

How to apply to withdraw rebate on Rebatee?

  1. 1.What benefits I will get to join in Influencers Club?
    Rebatee Influencer can get commission from purchases made by members invited, extra $5 and 1000 coins will be rewarded when the invitee complete the first purchase with Rebatee. Some products (free, limited, hot, high value) are only offered to members with influencer badge.

  2. How to start application?
    Firstly, you have to be a Rebatee registered member. Then you can go to Influencer Application in My Profile to apply for an Influencer.

  3. Am I qualified to be a Rebatee Influencer?
    We encourage each of our member to apply for Influencer. Currently our minimum requirement is to get three members invited.

  4. Will I lose my Influencer membership?
    If you do not have any influence activities for more than 60 days, our system will detect and automatically disable the influencer badge.

  5. How do I make earnings as an influencer?
    Different than affiliated programs, our influencers get commissions from purchases made by his invited members. This relationship is permanent and the rewarding or commission is permanent.

  6. Do I get different commission for purchase from my direct invited members and secondary invitees?
    Yes. You get 80% of commision from direct invited member purchase; and 20% from secondary invitee purchase.

  7. What is Direct Invitee and Secondary Invitee?
    Direct Invitees are member who registered using your invitation code; Secondary Invitees are members who registered using invitation code of your Direct Invitee.

What benefits you can get from Rebatee?

  1. What is Rebatee Review?
    Simple as your review posted at Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or any other sites, Rebatee Review is encouraged and invited to be posted at rebatee.com. Rebatee Review is collected only in the purpose of helping suppliers hear customer feedbacks and improve products.

  2. Does Rebatee attempt to manipulate product reviews?
    Rebatee review is submitted to suppliers to help develop products; it is our members that generate the value to suppliers and hence we have the reputation to source better products with higher rebates. We do commit to our suppliers a 50% Rebatee Review rate, but have not ruled that to our members yet. To get Rebate or savings for products, members are not liable or forced to make influence on any other channels. Other than Rebate Review, we do encourage our members to share their true feelings about products through social channels, like Youtube, Facebook, Amazon and more, but members make their own decisions to do or not to do.

How to leave a review on Rebatee?

  1. How much can I get from the YouTube unboxing video task?
    The reward you will receive for each video is based on the R level of the video task. You can claim video tasks of a higher-level by upgrading your R level. Know more about R Level

  2. What is the requirement to claim a YouTube unboxing video task?
    The only requirement is Rebatee membership. As long as you are a Rebatee member, you can claim a YouTube unboxing video task and get rewards.

  3. How do I make earnings by doing the YouTube unboxing video task?
    You can claim the task before you hit the "Get Rebate" button. After doing so, the reward will be added to the total amount of your rebate. It will become available to withdraw after finishing the video task.

  4. What about the copyright of the unboxing video I made?
    We want to share your user experience which is the unboxing video you made to other buyers to show them how great the product is. So if you do post contents on Rebatee or submit links to your posted contents on other platform, and unless we indicate otherwise, you grant Rebatee and the product supplier a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, perform, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such content throughout the world in any media. You grant Rebatee and the product supplier the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such content, if they choose.

  5. Why didn't I receive total bonus of the video quest?
    The bonus is divided into two parts, $5 for YouTube video, and the rest part will be rewarded when Amazon related video is completed.

  6. I have enough coins, why can't claim new offer?
    Due to limited stock, each member can only have three uncompleted orders.

  7. How much time do I have to compete a video?
    The video has to be completed and rebate has to be redeemed within 20 days of your claimant.

  8. What kind of video should I create?
    We currently accept three types of videos, you can choose to make one preferable to yourself. Details and requirement for different videos as below:

    A: Unboxing video(Usually ranging from R1 - R5)
    Casual and relatively short (2-8 mins)
    Record the process of unboxing the product
    Introduce some background knowledge about the product or technology
    Provides an overview of the product, not limited to appearance and/or features
    Hands-on experience of the product
    Express your thought on the product

    B: Instruction video(Usually ranging from R2 - R5)
    An in-depth user guide on the product
    Length based on the contents or complexity
    Film the use case in a real environment
    Film or illustrate step-by-step instructions on how to setup/use a product
    Answer questions and/or troubleshooting
    Minor discussion with supplier and revision might be required.

    C: Promotion video(Usually ranging from R2 - R5)
    Advertising video that features product in a professional setup scene
    Professional 3D rendered or filmed and edited with voice over
    Film a real person using the product
    In-depth review of the product (Optional)
    Be able to effectively increase sales volumes
    Scriptwriting or revision (Optional)
    Discussion for filming details

    Tips: How to make good unboxing video?
    Be able to make the product the star of your video
    Be able to guide the narrative forward, in smooth transition
    Be friendly and know and talk about the product in depth
    Always chasing higher standard audio quality and framing
    A studio set up would be ideal
    Document the experience of opening a product in a timely manner
    Try dramatizing and take on the quirky, playful spirit, showcasing products in all of their freshly unopened glory
    Don’t wait too long to start unboxing
    Be sure to show the product in use.

  9. What’s the evaluation criteria of the quality of the video?
    Level R Points Product Presentation Transition Setup/Background Picture Quality Audio Quality Editing (Intro,Music,
    Text Pop-ups,Logo,
    Screen Recording)
    Video Resolution
    R1 1 OK OK Casual Entry Entry Optional at least 720p
    R2 2 Fair Fair Fair Intermedia Intermedia Entry at least 720p
    R3 3 Good Smooth Custom Advanced Advanced Advanced at least 1080p
    R4 4 Near Perfect Professional Custom or Studio Professional Professional Professional at least 1080p
    R5 5 Perfect Production Quality Production Level Production Level Production Level Professional at least 1080p

How to claim an unboxing video task on Rebatee?

  1. What is R Level?
    R Level is a video quality-based rating system. Rebatee members and video tasks are categorized into five levels, ranging from R1 to R5. You can claim the tasks the same or lower than your current level, also, video tasks of different levels come with different cash rewards and coins you can earn, details as below:

    Member R Level vs Average R Points
    Video R Level vs Coins You Can Earn
    R1 =  500 coins
    R2 = 1000 coins
    R3 = 2000 coins
    R4 = 3000 coins
    R5 = 5000 coins

  2. How to level up my R level?
    Your R level is determined by the historical history average R points you get for your video tasks in the past 30 days, and uploading high quality will help to upgrade your R level. For how to create a quality video, please check FAQ - About YouTube Task

  3. How do I know my R level?
    You can check it at My Profile - My R Level

  4. How can I earn extra R Points?
    R points can't be earned from any channels other than video tasks.