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  1. Rebatee is a community built for creators and influencers who loves to shop. With Rebatee, you can always find newly released products. Rebatee give you the opportunity to make money by creating high quality video content and inviting your friends to join rebatee while you shop.
  2. Rebatee gives your creative side a chance to make money through video tasks. You need to purchase the product with your money, then make the unboxing video to get cash rewards from Rebatee, the reward is cashable after your video is approved.
  3. Yes, but not exactly the way you think. Our members have to purchase their wanted products at their own cost from the marketplace like Amazon, Walmart or eBay (buying link will be shared after claiming the task). Once they complete the unboxing task they will be granted the cash rewards. In most situation, the rewards for the unboxing video can cover the expenses, and creators who make good videos can get much higher rewards than the product value and earn money.
  4. Rebatee offers several ways you can make money while you shop, such as creating high-quality unboxing videos or inviting friends to Rebatee. You can also apply to upgrade to get more rewards for higher quality contents.
  5. Depending on your video level, there are different purchase limits. When your level is L1, your limitation of pending video task is up to 3; when your level is L2 or more, your limitation of pending video task is up to 5. If you complete your video projects faster and have no videos pending you can earn more.
  1. To get the video reward, you need to select the level of the task you want to complete at first, then hit "Claim the Task" on the desired product page. After that, you must purchase the product at an authentic third-party store within one hour. Then submit your order ID to Rebatee. The video reward will become available to withdraw when your video is approved, which can be withdrawn to your PayPal account or bank account.

  2. Check if: 1.You might submit the wrong order ID; 2.You might purchase the wrong product; 3.You might purchase from the wrong seller; 4. You might already apply for a refund or cancel the order. Please fix according to page guidelines or contact support@rebatee.com

  3. You can locate your video task at My Profile or My Video Tasks, and follow the instructions on the page.

  4. To let more different customers participate in the supplier's product experience, every Rebatee member can only claim twice in a month at the same store/brand.

  5. You can cancel your order from the platform you purchased the product, e.g. Amazon, Walmart, or any other platform before the task completed. You have to let us know that you will be cancelling the order so we can cancel the task, so that someone else can claim it. Failure to mention may result in the suspension of your account.

  6. The product may be defective or damaged in shipping. You can consider whether to return the product and cancel the task before completing the task. You can cancel the task on the My Video Tasks page. Please feel free to contact support@rebatee.com if you have any questions.

  1. We currently offer PayPal payout and bank transfers. If you withdraw via PayPal, you will need to pay PayPal transaction fees. Bank transfer is only available for a high amount reward which is higher than 100 US dollars.

  2. If you choose PayPal to withdraw money, PayPal charges a transaction fee, which Rebatee does not currently bear. Bank transfers do not charge any transaction fees.

  3. If you choose PayPal, the money will arrive within 2 working days, while bank transfers will take 5-8 working days.

  1. The reward for each video you will receive is based on the Level of the video task. The higher the Level, the more rewards you can get. You can declare higher-level video tasks by upgrading your Level. Learn more about Creator Level.

  2. When you select the level of the task, it will show you the video requirements and the guidelines. Please read them carefully before claiming the task, to make sure you are able to follow the requirements to complete the video within 10 days.

  3. We want to share your user experience which is the unboxing video you made to other buyers to show them how great the product is. So if you do post contents on Rebatee or submit links to your posted contents on other platform, and unless we indicate otherwise, you grant Rebatee and the product supplier a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, perform, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such content throughout the world in any media. You grant Rebatee and the product supplier the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such content if they choose.

  4. You need to complete the video and upload it to Rebatee within 10 days after the order ID is submitted. If it is postponed, the video task will be automatically cancelled.

  5. We currently have two types of video tasks, you can choose to make one preferable to yourself. Basically, you need to introduce the product, and use it in the video. It is better if you can talk about your user experience. Prefereble duration is 1-3 minutes. Details and requirements for different videos are as below: Unboxing Video (Ranging from L1-L3): Video Resolution: Minimum Resolution of 720p to a Maximum resolution of 4k (Shooting with a mobile phone to a professional camera) Language Requirement: Native to fluent native Speaker Environment: Normal background to a high quality Studio set up and a quality home environment to meet the sellers demand Guidelines: 1. Show unboxing of the product; 2. Justify your reasons for needing the product; 3. Demonstrate the usage of the product; 4. Give your recommendation to other users to help them make a decision; 5. Editing the video for commercial use. Here's an example:
    Instructional Video (Ranging from L1-L3): Video Resolution: Minimum Resolution of 720p to a Maximum resolution of 4k (Shooting with a mobile phone to a professional camera) Language Requirement: Native to fluent native Speaker Environment: Normal background to a high quality Studio set up and a fully customize-able environment to meet the sellers demand Guidelines: 1. Show unboxing the product ; 2. Mainly focus on how to use the product; 3. Demonstrate step by step usage; 4. Give how to use tips if you think necessary; 5. Briefly comment on how you like the product. Here's an example:
  1. Rebatee creators are rated from Level 1 to Level 5. To claim a certain level video task, you need to become at least that corresponding level creator.

  2. The supplier will provide direct feedback or rating for each video our creator completes. Our creator will get average ratings for different levels of tasks.

  3. You can check it at My Profile - Creator Dashboard

  4. No, but you are always encouraged to follow our guidelines to improve your video capability, in order to be considered and approved for higher level.

  5. They are important because creators ultimately get paid by quality work from suppliers. To grant whole platform creators' benefits, we need to maintain strict quality system for different level videos, so that suppliers could get granted relatively consistent quality work within expectation.

  6. When your Video Ratings at a certain level reaches 4.5 or more, you will be able to apply for advancing to the next level creator. Reach to your assigned creator manager, and you will be informed about next level requirements, and you will also be guided to create higher quality work, in order to be approved for next Creator Level.

  7. 1. Apply to upgrade on Creator Dashboard; 2. Get your Creator Manager assignments to complete one or two demo videos at next level quality and expectation; 3. Get approved by our senior Video Manager.