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Pet Grooming Brush, Portable 3 in 1 Efficient Comb
Platform Amazon 
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Unique Design - Round rotary 3-in-1 design,1 comb with 3 functions of dematting, deshedding and regular combing perfectly. Ergonomic design and comfortable grip, this product can help to promote pets’ blood circulation and leave their coat soft and shiny, letting them enjoy a comfortable massage. Easy to Carry & Store - Designed in a pocket-size for ultra-portability, this brush can conveniently be carried for outdoors activities with your pets. Meanwhile, it comes with a hanging rope, you can j

Remove Debris and Dander Made from stainless steel and with closely spaced teeth, it can easily remove debris from your pet’s coat. Get your pets a healthy coat, promote their blood circulation, and make their coat soft and shiny. Savior in Seasons Changing Deshedding comb is your best helper when shedding gets worse during the change of seasons. It helps to remove dead undercoat and additional shedding hair efficiently. Cut Tangles,Knots and Mats A key tool to keep your long-haired pets’coat sleek and shiny. Scratch-proof rounded outside teeth gently massage the pet skin. Also, it can effectively groom the toughest mats, tangles, and knots for thinning and de-shedding.

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