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New, Better, Improved – Power all of your cameras, flashlights, and other everyday electronics with the latest 9v battery outdoor technology: lithium which is twice as strong as alkaline batteries. Welcome to the future of your batteries. Safer, Greener, Longer Lasting – Each VONIKO 9v 10 year battery is equipped with short circuit overcurrent protection and intelligent voltage surge safeguards, making VONIKO 9v lithium battery safe, green, and ideal for high-drain devices. Full 10-Year Shelf Li


VONIKO Advanced CR-V9 3V Lithium Battery VONIKO brings a whole new meaning to state-of-the-art with leading-edge CR-V9 battery construction. This ground-breaking CR-V9 lithium is safer, greener, more powerful and longer-lasting than any other. The ultimate in battery lithium CR-V9 technology CR-V9 batteries with short circuit overcurrent protection 10 Years CR-V9 battery lithium shelf life 100% Leakfree lithium CR-V9 Twice as powerful as alkaline batteries 1 1 1 Incredible Lifespan VONIKO batteries last at least 10 years in storage, allowing you to and use later. Stock up and have no fear – your batteries will be as energetic as the day they were made. Remember to Recycle VONIKO batteries are designed to be recycled after use. There is no need to waste your old batteries, now there's an easier and better way thanks to VONIKO. Recycle your batteries and do the right thing for our planet. Extreme Hot Or Cold Operation From the most frigid temperatures you can imagine all the way to the hottest on the planet earth! VONIKO CR-V9’s happily work in temperatures as cold as -40°F to shockingly hot 140° F

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