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Cigar Ashtrays, All Metal Outdoor Ashtray Unbreakable Portable Ash Tray Single Cigar Holder Ashtrays for Cigarettes, Great Cigar Accessories Gift
Platform Amazon 
Price after Rebate $8.09 $17.99





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【Great Choice for Great Taste】 With 100% high-quality stainless steel and smooth curves, the RONXS ashtray is like a piece of artwork, which can be both durable and stylish. Its exquisite workmanship would never be the wrong choice for your fine taste.

【Bring It to Anywhere】Perfect compact size makes it one of the best ashtrays to have around for travelling or staying at home. It only takes up a little corner of your luggage or bag. RONX Cigar Ashtray is a wise pick when you’re on a cigar break or having cigar sessions with friends. 【Never Miss Details】Unlike others, the extremely large diameter slot of RONX is suitable for any ring-diameter cigar. Featured with a non-slip bottom design, the cigar ashtray provides good stability. And this especially soft material helps avoid any bumps and scratches to the table. It is an ideal indoor and outdoor cigarette accessory for Patio, Home, Office, Garden, Hotels, Restaurants, or anywhere in between.

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