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♻TEAR RESISTANT & DUAL LEAKPROOF DESIGN: With the high pressure & high temperature made WIDE EDGES and EXTRA THICK(0.5mm) design,our reusable gallon storage bags are more tear resistant and durable.The dual leakproof reusable ziplock gallon storage bags feature an upgrade ziplock closures sealing technology. Also, the extra sealing slide can support you an easier and better sealing. Thus, these reusable Gallon Freezer Bags are more sealed, leak-proof, waterproof and hygienic! ♻FOOD GRADE SAFE &


Color:8 Pack-6 Reusable Gallon Storage Bags 2 seal slide These BPA free Reusable Gallon Storage Bags are leak proof and freezer safe. Also, these reusable ziplock gallon storage bags are easy to open & close. You can use these reusable gallon Freezer bags to carry all kinds of food without worry! Reusable Gallon food Storage bag is a great idea to replace plastic bags for storing meat, vegetable , fruit ,snacks and other food. One of our reusable ziplock gallon storage bags can save up to 400+ pcs of plastic bags! Choose our Eco-friendly& Safe reusable Gallon Freezer Bags to reduce plastic bags and minimize hurt on the planet. Trying our best to save our planet, would you like to join in us? Package Included: 6 x Reusable gallon storage bags(11" x 10.6"/1 gallon/16cups) 2 x sealing clips Warm Tips: Reusable gallon storage bags will be warped under high temperature, thus: 1.Do not use in microwave/oven 2.Do not place in the dishwasher 3.Not suitable for hot foods Key words: Reusable gallon storage bags,Reusable Gallon Freezer Bags,1 Gallon Reusable Ziplock Bags, LEAKPROOF EXTRA THICK Gallon Storage Bags,reusable ziplock gallon bags,gallon bags,reusable storage bags, gallon storage bags, reusable lunch storage bags, reusable gallon size bags, reusable gallon storage bags for food, reusable gallon food bags, reusable gallon size freezer bags, Gallon Ziplock Bags, reusable ziplock gallon storage bags

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