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Reusable Sous Vide Bags Bpa Free: Super Big and Must-Have for Chefsteps, Anova, Joule, Wancle Sous Vide Machine. Includes 30 super big sous vide vacuum bags (11.8"x13.4", 10.2"x13.4", 10.2"x11"), 1 hand pump, 2 Ziplock Sealing Clip and 4 sous vide cooking clips. 1 set include all the functional tools for Sous Vide Cooking Approved Food Safe & Cost-Effective: Bags for Sous Vide are made of approved food safe material, freezer safe and cook safe(sous vide cooking). EVERY reusable sous vide bag can


Enjoy the healthy cooking with your family! Why you need Ayager Vacuum-sealed Bags? 1. Vacuum-sealed packages of food can stay fresher longer because of the absence of air in the bags 2. When using vacuum-sealed pouches of food for sous vide, you won’t have to worry about the seams coming apart during a long cook. 3. Vacuum-sealed sous vide bags give you the option of creating nice neat packages of pre-cooked food that you can reheat later 4. Investing in a vacuum sealer also allows you to purchase bulk packages of meat and portion them for storage in your freezer 5. The vacuum bags look so appealing when they’re full of delicious food. Yum! Bigger and more vacuum-sealed bags Ayager Sous Vide Bags contains 30 big sous vide vacuum bags, the biggest one can reach 11.8" X 13.4" Seal in freshness just in seconds Takes just few seconds to vacuum reusable sous vide Bag, seal it by using white clips, and pump out the air through the valve, then start cooking or food storing. For Food Storage! & Fridge Organizer! It is suitable for all kinds of solid or semi solid food. keep your food fresh 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods.You can use it at home or take the Food vacuum seal bags to anywhere and anytime, such as outdoor camping, fishing, picnic, etc. User Instructions 1. Open the bags, put the food and ingredients 2. Zip up the bags by the sealing clip 3. Place the pump right on the air valve, suction the air out 4. Keep it in vacuum storage or sous vide cooking The issues you may concern: -The replaceable bags is BPA free and work well for sous-vide. Temperature lower than 190F. is safe. -The sous vide bag can be reusable more than 10 times. -BPA free bags are definitely safe and reusable for food storage and your sous vide cooking. -Just clean it up with dish soap and warm water and store it in a clean and dry place after using.

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