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【Multi-function Bluetooth transmitter&receiver】In TX Mode: Transfer your music from a TV, CD player, Ipod, laptop to a Bluetooth headset or stereo (You can connect two devices at the same time); In RX Mode: will transfer the music in your mobile phone or computer to the audio, so that you can enjoy HIFI CD freely The sound quality. Bypass mode: cable connection between TV and Speaker, you no longer need to plug/unplug any wires,easily switch it to other two mode 【Long-range Bluetooth transmissio


Nulaxy BR04 is a long rang Bluetooth transmitter, receiver and bypass 3-in-1 device Operation Instruction: Connect one Bluetooth Device: Turn on Bluetooth Transmitter, and selectthe right model. Open your Bluetooth device, search the Bluetooth signal "BR04" and pair. When "A" light on, Pair 1st device successfully; Connect two Bluetooth Device: As the same way of connecting 1st cellphone. Open your Bluetooth device and search the Bluetooth signal 'BR04'. When 'A' and 'B' light on, It means two devices connected successfully; Warm Tips: If you want to achieve no delay, your Bluetooth headphone must support Low Latency technology. Doesn't work / no sound: No audio signal into the transmitter If connected using optical port: A)Ensure Aux/Optical switch on BR04 is set to “Optical” position; B)Ensure your TV audio format is set to”PCM” or “DOLBY/DTS” is off; C) Change your TV audio OUT setting to “External Speaker”. If connected using the RCA ports: A)Ensure Aux/Optical switch on “Aux” position; B) Ensureuse the Red/White ports labeled “AUDIO OUT”。 Other RCA ports are usually AUDIO IN and incorrect; C)Change your TV audio OUT setting to “External Speaker”; D)Plug headphone to RCA ports with AUX 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, check it you can hear sound If connected using AUX/3.5MM audio out; A)Ensure AUX/Optical Switch on BR04 is set to “AUX” position; B)Change your TV audio OUT setting to” Headset”, directly plug headphone into TV with the AUX 3.5mm audio cable, check if you can hear sound.

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