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  • White Noise Machine, Speaker with 24 Unique Sounds
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24 Non-repeating Unique Sound - 12 unique natural sounds with 6 unique fan sound and 6 unique white noise sound,great gift white noise device for babies, children and adults. Effectively Cover up the Surrounding Noise - the sleeping machine can create a perfect sleeping environment for your baby or a busy day of work, improve the quality of your sleep and your baby, it will be the best sleep companion for you and your baby. Convenient Timer Function - Featuring 3 timer options, 30, 60, 90 min au


When you need to coax your baby to sleep Place a white noise in your baby's or toddler's room. Use 24 kinds of voices, any kind of baby's favorite voice, to block the interfering noise. It can create a quiet environment. Make it easier for the baby to fall asleep, sleep more soundly, parents more relaxed. When you have a family member who snoring Your husband or wife may snore while sleeping, making it impossible for you to fall asleep? At this time, you can use our white noise speaker, which can stop snoring, let you gradually fall asleep, and create an environment that is easier to fall asleep. When you want to create a relaxed environment Natural Music Button:12unique different natural Sounds for option. Fan Sounds: 6 unique different Fan Sounds for option. White Noise Sounds:6 unique different white noise sounds for option. sleeping sound machine listening high resolution speaker Need to Relax or Sleep? Through any of your favorite noises in the Unite Stone Sleep speaker, you can get into sleep faster. Eliminate ambient noise that may interfere with your sleep at night,so that you can stay in a more comfortable and long-term sleep state. More intimate design? Earphone Jack design can give you a good hearing enjoyment, more stereo than the external sound. At the same time, it does not interfere with other people in a limited environment. White Noise for Higher Sound Quality? Unite Stone White Noise Machine with Excellent appearance design and super sound quality. Following the principle of acoustics. Sounds play clean and delicate, very restorative,natural and comfortably feeling .

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