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  • Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm, 2 Users, 99 Memory
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LARGE DISPLAY FOR CONVENIENCE - The large LCD display screen shows result of high pressure / low pressure / pulse, more clearer for you to read, Monitor Your Reading. Advanced accuracy automatically displays the average of the last three readings taken within 10 minutes. The BP Level Bar displays how your reading compares to internationally recognized guidelines for normal home blood pressure levels. HEART RATE DETECTION - This blood pressure cuff can not only measure your blood pressure, but al


logo for blood pressure monitor Product Profile: JUMPER Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor, comprised of the host machine and the cuff, suitable for measuring the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse of human body. The blood pressure value measured by the electronic Blood Pressure Monitor is equivalent to that measured by UOTT. By use of the intelligent pressurization method, the Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor can automatically pressurize to a suitable pressure value based on your blood pressure, thus effectively reducing the discomfort caused by incorrect pressurization, shortening the measurement time and prolonging the service life of cuff. This Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can provide the memory function of 99 groups of measurement data from each of two users, and can save the data of two users respectively. stay health 1654 1200 152 1549 User Friendly Monitor The clear and accurate data will be given to you in merely 30 seconds by our automatic blood pressure as soon as you press the ON/OFF button. And all measurements will be clearly shown through its large and bright backlight LCD screen which is perfect machine for elders and seniors to use. Use Memory Function The Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor can automatically store 99 groups of memory values of the last two persons, and if the 99 groups of memory data are full, they will be replaced automatically. Preparation before Measurement --Before measurement, avoid eating, smoking or any form of heavy physical labor, as it will affect the measurement result. --Measure the same arm (generally the left arm). --Perform fixed-time measurement daily, because the blood pressure on the same day is also changing. Display Measurements Include 1.Date and Time Display / 2.Electric Consumption 3.Systolic Pressure/ 4.Diastolic Pressure 5.Pulse Rate/ 6.Cuff Delection Icon 7.Misoperation Reminder/ 8.User Icon 9.Memory Arrary / 10.Arrhythmia Reminder 11.Heartbeat Icon

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