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🌞 BE YOURSELF ESTHETICIAN - Save a lot of time and money in the home waxing. As an all-in-one home waxing kit, provide what you need, do what you want, achieve the high-level effect you want, keep it clean, no irritation and no residue. 🌞 GREAT OPTION OF HAIR REMOVAL - This refill hard wax getting all your hair ripped out by the root, no stubbles and crack. This wax warmer kit will guarantee silky smooth skin with finer regrowth. After waxing, hair removal results usually last about three week


😍 ILansley Hair Waxing Kit Include: + 500cc All-round Electronic Wax Machine + 3 Bags of Aloe Wax Beans and 1 Bag of Jasmine Face Hard Wax + An Tea Tree Pre Wax Oil (To pre-soothes, protects the skin and remove surface oils) + An After Wax Treatment Oil (To diffuse inflammation as well as reduces redness and cleans off wax residue) + 2 Latex Gloves (Protect you when you are waxing: When the hair is pulled from the root, it is very susceptible to infection. Wearing gloves helps eliminate as much of this as possible.) + 5 Wax Warmer Ring + 10 Big Wax Sticks + 10 Small Wax Sticks 😍 How to wax efficiently 1. Put the wax beans you need into the wax pot; 2. Adjust the temperature to the maximum rapid melting; 3. After complete dissolution, adjust the temperature to 185 °, then stir for 3 minutes; 4. Apply the pre-wax spray to clean and moisturize the skin; 5. Test the wax temperature with your wrist; 6. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth, and then place the strip on top. Press down firmly; 7. Hold the skin taut with one hand, and with the other, pull the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 8. Apply the post-wax spray to remove residue and reduce irritation and redness. 😍 More Tips For You To Be An Waxing Expert * Waxing your own legs can be tricky. But do it right and use this kit, you can save yourself a lot of money; * Make sure you’re in no rush, waxing is a process, so you have to set the right amount of time, say an hour, to wax properly. * It’s super-important to apply something soothing to the skin post-waxing, so Lansley wax hair removal kit provides the Pre & After Wax Spray to you; * Besides saving time, aloe waxing kit also reduces the embarrassment factor caused by stubble;

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