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Adjustable Headband with 360° Buckle 】Our Boxing Reflex Ball contains our time-tested non-slip, no headache, perfect fit every time headbands. You could easily adjust the length of your headband with premium velcro to fit perfectly around the head. The 360° buckle application helps solve the complex string-knotting problem during boxing and provides high-performance training. 【Reflex Training in All Domains】The pro fight ball introduces a high level of unpredictability to the training, compared


Who should buy a boxing reflex ball? Our Boxing reflex balls look simple but are designed to train complex movements and reactions. Everyone can use Pro Reflex Ball either for training purposes or for a fun game. How to Use 1. Put on the hand wraps, wear the elastic headband on your head properly. 2. Cut the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length. 3. Tie the string to the ball and the headband. The extra string can be reserved for future use. Punch It Up: 1. Hit down the ball from one side first and then the other. Change hands and repeat it. If you find it’s difficult, try to hit it slowly and gently at the very start. 2. After you get familiar with the move, try to punch it at full blast to make the string and ball parallel to the ground. Note: However, this unpredictability can cause quite a bit of frustration for the first-time user. Missing the reflex ball on the return may mean getting hit in the face with the ball — funny at first, but not so much after several tries. Once you insist for a few days, you will find it so ADDICTING and FUNNY. Why should choose Gdaytao Boxing reflex ball? Gdaytao offers high-performance boxing reflex ball set which includes a high-quality, tight-fitting headband with 360° buckle, 3 difficulty Levels of boxing balls, a pair of hand wraps. This high-performance boxing training system not only helps beginners get started easily but also helps PRO improve the efficiency of boxing training. 30 days money-back guarantee will get you 100% Satisfaction shopping experience. Package Included: Soft Foam Ball 25g x1 ( with 1.2mm string) Soft Foam Ball 25g x1 ( with 1.5mm string) Boxing Tennis Ball 60g x1 ( with 2.0mm string) Headband x1 Hand wraps x2 User Guide x1

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