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PS5 Controller Charger Station, PS5 Charging Station Stand with LED Indicator, USB Type C, Stable Fast Charging Satation Suitable for Sony PS5 Playstation 5 DualSence Controller
Platform Amazon 
Price after Rebate $6.99 $9.99





Tips If there is a clipable coupon on the Amazon product page, please clip it when placing your order.

【Dual controller charging stand】: The PS5 controller charger station is designed to charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously within 2.5-4 hours. It can be easily plugged in or unplugged, allowing you to play against your friends without interruption. Using the included USB charging cable can easily charge the controller from multiple sources. These include Consoles, PCs, Mobile Power supplies, or Wall Power supplies. (Does not include Wall adapter).

【LED indicator light】: After connecting the USB port, the charging station has blue LED lighting effects on both sides, providing a perfect gaming atmosphere for RGB fans. When it is charging, the LED lights on the upper and lower sides will flash. The orange light indicates that it is charging. The light will automatically turn off when the controller is fully charged. Provide the most accurate tips for you. 【Stability & Perfect Fit】: Anti-slip rubber base provides solid protection for the charging stand, plus two built-in weighted iron pieces, so it fits closely to the PS5 charging station, preventing it from falling and damaging. Precise positioning of the controller hole position, close fit handle. Easily and quickly connects to it, allowing you to play longer in the game. 【Intelligent protection】: The internal use of smart chip circuit design, high-efficiency conversion charging, automatic power-off after full. It will protect your PS5 controller from overcharge, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuits. Whenever you use it, you don't worry about safety issues and get a good night's sleep. (Due to the smart protection function, the controller may not be charged when the battery level reaches 80% or more.)

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