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Many people spending most time looking at the computer/phone screen of it a day ,so we formulated glasses to block blue light and reduce eye strain, headaches, and everything that comes with excess screen exposure,WF blue light blocking glasses constructed with reinforced metal frame to ensure durability and avoid breaking We invite fashion coordinator came to picking colors,make the glasses frame color suitable for your all kinds of dresses .This glasses frame is the classic style and designed


ABOUT WFEANG WFEANG is the professional eye protection glasses brand since 2001. As a traditional eyeglasses manufacturer with strong capability in R&D,WFEANG offers the highest quality eyeglasses with stylish look. WFEANG Blue Light Filtering Glasses keep your eyes against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light and UV400. LG1060 Blue Light Blocking Glasses Why do we need the Blue Light Blocking Glasses ? phone computer work Eye Damage Long term exposure to blue light has been linked to a greater risk for vision loss. Eye Strain Too much blue light exposure can cause eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision,affect your learning and working efficiency. Ubiquitous Blue Light The ubiquitous blue light in life is bothering us. Blue light blocking capacity test 1 2 3 Prepare the blue light torch and the blue light test card Use the blue light torch to beam the blue light test card through WFEANG Blue Light Blocking Lens. We can see that part of test card beamed by the torch has turned blue, and the part shaded by WFEANG Blue Light Blocking Lens has not turned blue. Look Better WFEANG frame are designed for different size of heads, give you a super great stylish look, suitable for most people . Anti Eye Fatigue Anti eye fatigue, more concentrate on working and learning. Sleep Better Minimized the headache and enjoy a good sleep for a whole night. Enjoy The Game Enjoy the fun of the game.

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